OBAT Reviews: The Moat

176 Lt Lonsdale St

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

03 9094 7820


The Moat is one of those places where you can go to either for a quiet breakfast while you contemplate your day ahead or during your coffee break to escape the pressures of work. The location seems appropriate for those kind of private getaways too as it is situated in the basement of the Victoria State Library. 

Having lived and the worked in the city I thought it was a bit absurd that I’ve walked pass this place a million times yet have never set foot in it once. That morning with camera in tow I decided to change all that.

Like I said before, The Moat is the kinda place you go to kick back and soak in the atmosphere. Thought up by interior designer Christo Gillard, who made good use of the limited space to create a little something for everyone. From dim and intimate tables by the window to comfortable lounge-like sofas for group gatherings for unwinding with after-work drinks.  

More ogling on the interior later. Let’s dive right into the food!

Due to limited kitchen space The Moat has a limited menu. It’s so limited that they don’t even do eggs for breakfast (*gasp* I know right, forget my protein fix for the day). No big deal I thought, all the better opportunity to get me to try something I normally wouldn’t eat!

Bircher Muesli

As visually unappealing as it looks, the Bircher Muesli was just what I needed. I was feeling a little under the weather that morning and this simple apple, rhubarb, oats, cinnamon and yogurty delight hit the spot for an appetite that was almost ruined by a runny nose.

Almond crumble muffin

The first few bites tasted kinda eggy but I got over it quickly. Had the right amount of sweetness, went really well with my coffee!


Raisin toast with whipped butter

The butter was so tasty we asked for seconds! It was like eating icing on toast.

Now with food porn out of the way back to ogling at the interior design.

Don’t ask, I have no idea what that thing is myself. I just thought it looked cool.

The Final Word:

Is it worth the hype?

Yes. The Moat is a sophisticated little joint that offers simple yet quality meals and a comfy environment to enjoy it in.

Is it worth the price?

Yes. If you take into account that you’re paying for the ambiance as much as you are paying for the food. Bookish and artistic types might appreciate the experience but if you’re just an average foodie the price might make you jump a little.

Will I come back again?

Yes. I have that window seat reserved for those early mornings when I just want some toast and a little peace and quiet.  

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