OBAT Reviews: Brim CC Cafe

Shop 2, 601 Lt Collins St

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

03 9629 6794


Situated in the business end of the city, Brim CC is one of those hidden treasures you only know about if you work around that area or were introduced by a friend. It doesn’t help either that the building is undergoing construction and any visual indication of the business is being obstructed by hideous scaffolding.

Brim CC is a humble little cafe with simple tidy interior. Bits of paper cut-outs pasted on sugar paper and hand drawn deco reminds me of my days working in a child-enrichment center. They have a small selection of dishes plastered above the counter which is befitting because they don’t have menus and take orders at the cashier.


There are no big surprises when it comes to their menu. Selections include well-known Japanese favorites such as curry don, okonomiyaki, soba, sushi, etc. Most come in a set and usually accompanied with your choice of salad and/or soup.

The cafe’s selling point is commercial Japanese dishes cooked with organic ingredients. My previous experience with organic restaurants have left me with the impression that if you wanna dine healthily you have to be prepared to sacrifice taste and money. But in this case, I’m glad to say that I’ve (almost) converted. What Brim CC lacks in variety, they make it up with quality.

Tofu salad

Chicken teriyaki salad

Their salads come with peanut dressing which are to die for. Ate the whole bowl and would have polished off my friend’s tofu salad if the lettuce weren’t swimming in black sodium.

Half-set Chicken curry don 

Tender chicken cooked in creamy curry base. Goes down really well and fills you up just nice. Perfect for those looking for a light meal or saving space for dessert?

C.S.S (Colourful Soba Set)

I was instructed by the waitress the correct way to eat this is by dunking a mouthful of noodle in the dashi soup (which is VERY salty, thank goodness I listened to her and didn’t drop everything into one bowl!

Garnishing can be an optional addition to the dashi soup. Watch out for those horse radishes, they’re pretty salty.

My favourite part of the meal, the sushi plate. Egg rolls were perfection but I found they were too generous with the sesame seed in the inari sushi. Should note that the latter is served with brown rice.

The Final Word:

Is it worth the hype?

Yes. Brim CC is one of those genuine rare gems tucked away in a city overwhelmed with bad Asian franchises with equally bad service. Health and socially conscious foodies, this is one place you can escape to seek shelter from the big bad world.

Is it worth the price?

Yes. Considering that if you’re one willing to fork out the extra dollar to eat more healthily (a point of debate that scientists have contested, but I shall not go into that now), Brim CC’s prices won’t send you into convulsions. Their servings are generous and appropriate with the price tag. In fact I reckon they could stand to be a bit stingy with the salt. 

Will I come back again?

Yes. Looking forward to trying their okonomiyaki set and probably get another chicken teriyaki salad! 

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