OBAT Reviews: Dappa Snappa Fish Cafe

203 Nelson Place

Williamstown, VIC 3016 

03 9943 4109

We had originally made the trip to scenic Williamstown specifically for ice-cream but made a detour when we realized that neither of us have had breakfast. A few flicks on the mobile brought up this place which some claimed the best fish & chips they’ve ever had. Well, I’m all about checking out the hype and besides it seems like an appropriate meal before an afternoon out at the piers. 

The place has a nice clean look to it. Imagine a clean white backdrop with a blue/yellow theme to it. It reminds me of those play centres in shopping malls where parents go to dump off their kids while they shop.


As we approached the counter I checked out the fillets of fish chilling on a runway of ice. If the owners were trying to relay the image of how fresh their menu is then I have to admit I was pretty convinced.

Between us we decided to share a Snappa Dappa Pack and Willy Cove, both of which are pretty similar as they both come with a fillet of flake and chips along with some sides.

Dappa Snappa Pack - Fillet of flake, chips, fried dims sums and potato cakes

Willy Cove - Fillet of flake, chips, king prawns and crab sticks.

I wasn’t expecting much from the fried dim sums, potato cakes and crab sticks as I could tell these were the standard frozen products you get in most diners. Our fish however were dipped fried to a perfect crisp on the outside and tasted fresh and tender on the inside. Ditto for my king prawns. However after a few bites I couldn’t  shake the feeling like someone had forgotten a key ingredient because as fresh as the fish was it tasted rather bland, even with the tartare sauce. Adding salt didn’t do the trick either and we ended asking for some ketchup.

Overall quality is good, they just need to work on the taste. Maybe whip up some secret dipping sauce or batter to stand out from the crowd. But then again a lot of people like their fish & chips just as it is and expect nothing less than something traditional. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s just not enough to tantalize this foodie’s taste buds.

The Final Word:

Does it live up to the hype?

No. Granted their still new and like I said the quality is there. But I wouldn’t go so far as to echo others’ claims as the best fish & chips in Melbourne.

Is it worth the price?

Yes. A Snapp Dappa pack costs you less than $10 and is more than enough to get you through the day. I would say that this is one of the more affordable places to eat in the upscale area of Williamstown.

Will I come back again?

No. Something about the taste just failed to hit a spot and to be honest left me feeling bloated and greased up. I had to go for a jog that evening as an apology to my arteries.

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