Battle of the Burgers: Part 5 - Andrew’s Hamburgers

‘Battle of the Burgers’ is a five-part blog review which takes me on a cholesterol-fueled journey in search of the biggest, baddest and juiciest burgers in Melbourne. 

The series will be posted according to ranking starting from #5. Now I understand that there are plenty of burger joints in Melbourne but I simply do not have the time or the resources to cover each and every one of them. I  honestly would have loved to do at least a Top 10 list but hey, there’s an idea I can revisit again in the future.

As a disclaimer please note that the rankings are based on MY personal criteria and preference. I encourage you to try out these places before making any comparisons. And of course suggestions on other burger joints will be much appreciated.

#1 Andrew’s Hamburgers

144 Bridport St

Albert Park, VIC 3206

9690 2126

It took awhile but we finally got there, the King of the Hill of Battle of the Burgers is the old-school champ Andrew’s Hamburgers. They’re partly responsible for my current obsession with grilled cheese and the sole reason I set out on this journey of gastronomical discovery. 

See Andrew’s was my first in Melbourne. I remember the first time I had it all wrapped in baking paper, I had no pretense about what kind of flavor I was to expect or how well done the meat should be. All I knew was that in that first bite I fell in love and then again, and again and again!

So what sets Andrew’s burgers apart from the rest of them? Well I could go on and on about how their burgers are as big as my face or for such a low price they stack on so much ingredients that your burger turns out taller than a soft drink can. Or the fact that you get to stand so close to the grills that it makes you feel you’re part of the burger-making process. But in all honesty what I truly enjoy about Andrew’s is the experience of eating their burgers. And that’s really the golden rule that I apply to all my reviews. You gotta enjoy every bit of it, full stop.

Take note though that theirs is a very small place with hardly any room to dine in. Most people who come here end up ordering take-away and are happy to. If you do get a chance to dine in I’d encourage you to do so, it’s a whole world of experience eating this stuff right off the grill. Just don’t expect much in terms of presentation, the lack of it doesn’t take anything away from the whole experience. Besides to quote the late Andy Rooney:

I don’t like food that’s too carefully arranged; it makes me think that the chef is spending too much time arranging and not enough time cooking. If I wanted a picture I’d buy a painting.

Burger with the LOT - the bacon and that sexy melted cheese is just begging to be ravaged!

The final word:

Is it worth the hype?

Yes. And I’d like to add that there isn’t enough hype about this place. Andrew’s Hamburger should be made a tourist attraction. No visit to Melbourne would be complete without a taste of their hamburger with the Lot.

Is it worth the price?

Yes. Buns as big as your face. Ingredients that go so high they seem to defy gravity. Plus the assurance that these guys are giving it their all to maintain the standard that they’ve been maintaining for more than 50 years.

Will I come back again?

Always whenever I have the chance. So far there’s nothing on their menu I’ve tried that I didn’t like. If you’re sick of the traditional beef patty burgers have a go at their chicken or vegie burgers and chicken souvlaki. Trust me, it’s worth the trip all the way to Albert Park.

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