Battle of the Burgers: Part 2 - Embassy Taxi Cafe

‘Battle of the Burgers’ is a five-part blog review which takes me on a cholesterol-fueled journey in search of the biggest, baddest and juiciest burgers in Melbourne. 

The series will be posted according to ranking starting from #5. Now I understand that there are plenty of burger joints in Melbourne but I simply do not have the time or the resources to cover each and every one of them. I  honestly would have loved to do at least a Top 10 list but hey, there’s an idea I can revisit again in the future.

As a disclaimer please note that the rankings are based on MY personal criteria and preference. I encourage you to try out these places before making any comparisons. And of course suggestions on other burger joints will be much appreciated.

#4 Embassy Taxi Cafe

547 Spencer St,

Melbourne, VIC 3003

A fellow foodie friend heard that I was reviewing famous burger joints and recommended Embassy Taxi Cafe, I wished she had mentioned also that this place is in the middle of freaking no where…

Officially it’s called Embassy Cafe but became synonymous with taxis because they open 24/7 and became a haven for taxi drivers, truckies and overnight delivery workers. They’ve been in operation since the 60’s and the venue matches it’s age. At first glance it looked like one of those old diner out on a remote dessert you see in roadtrip films. My friends were a bit iffy but I thought it was cool, no point going somewhere fancy if you’re gonna get greasy with a hamburger aye?

The owner, a middle-aged fella sensed our hesitation and ushered us in, promising a free meal if we didn’t find his burgers up to standard. Who were we to decline such a bold offer anyway?

Their menu is quite impressive. No fancy names just lots and lots of variations of a good old fashioned hamburger. They also do all-day breakfast which is appropriate for place that opens 24/7.

But remembering our mission we made a beeline for the cash register and we each ordered a slab of meat:

Burger with the lot

Steak sandwich

Open hamburger

As you can see by the pictures, their burgers are pretty massive and they skimped with the ingredients either. We definitely got our money’s worth and left the place feeling like sacks of lard. Taste-wise I found it to be satisfactory, pretty much what you would expect from a joint that has been grilling out hamburgers for the past 40 years. I’m still scratching my head over how people can claim it to be the best burger in Melbourne though.

The final word:

Is it worth the hype?

Sadly no. Although I have been told that this place has a tendency of being inconsistent, perhaps it was just their ‘off day’. Actually now that I think about it, the cashier did mix up my milkshake order and gave me a strawberry instead of chocolate. But as I said, shit happens. No biggie.

Is it worth the price?

Oh yes. My oh my yes! I suppose the portions were tailored for hungry drivers that need to sustain their energy for hours on the road, but for a wee humble foodie like myself it was a bit intimidating. If you can overlook the taste like I did you’ll definitely walk out with a full stomach and spare change to boot.

Will I come back again?

Strangely I feel like trying their burgers one more time just to do them justice. And the idea of getting breakfast any time of the idea is pretty appealing too. Provided of course you’re not relying on public transport.

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