Review: Wallis & Ed

Wallis & Ed

1 Bourke Street, Melbourne


Have you ever been to a place so fancy that you start to get uncomfortable because you feel out of place? Well for me dining at Wallis & Ed was one of those experiences. But then again what do you expect from an establishment opened next to the Windsor Hotel on Burke and Spring st.

Before we get to the food here’s a little background on the place because god dammit I’ve done all my research and I’m gonna load it on you guys just cause I can.

The address which formerly housed a Hard Rock Cafe apparently got its name from Windsor royalty Edward, Prince of Wales and his mistress Wallis. Seems a rather appropriate name considering the establishment that its linked to, although I’m a bit reserved about the message that is being sent out there. Because really, as if it’s not enough that the media already glorifies promiscuous celebrities now we have to immortalise them in our dining halls?

But I digress.

The dining room and bar is designed by architects Woods Bagot who created a sophisticated almost European setting with a lot of emphasize on lighting; evident by the generous use of glass light bulbs and landscape window pane. 

I know I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, this place is FAN-CY. I was hesitant even before I stepped into this place. The breakfast menu which offers assorted versions of muesli, nuts, porridge comes at fancier prices. Let me put it this way, if you choose to eat here you’re paying for the talent and creativity invested not only in the design but even the food itself.

Speaking of creativity, check out this masterpiece by chef Jerome Tremoulét. He calls it Zucchini Flowers, quail eggs wrapped in zucchini with tomato caviar and cheese crisp. It looks pretty small but trust me it’s pretty filling and so worth the $12. 

Zucchini Flowers

Thanks to The F Method for the photo

Btw if you’re the type of person who loves to linger around and enjoy your post-meal buzz be prepared to order lots of coffee (they do make a pretty damn good cup of flat white!) or be constantly harassed by the wait staff for the bill.

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